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Rogue trader faces more than 3 years in prison for defrauding elderly residents in Bridgend and Cardiff

A Bridgend individual callously targeted four older residents, convincing them that they needed roofing and other work completed at their properties.

June 24th, 2020

An SRS investigation established that Thomas Mochan, of Cae Garw Caravan Site, Bridgend, carried out home improvement work to aThomas Mochan pic very poor standard at two properties and significantly inflated his prices of £4500 and £24,900 respectively. 
In a third case in Bridgend, £700 was taken from the resident as a deposit for work which was never commenced. Mr Mochan also later admitted to stealing over £12,000 from the property. 
And in a fourth case, while a building surveyor deemed the work to be acceptable and the price paid to be towards the upper end of what would be expected, the resident was still not given the appropriate information regarding cancellation.
Mr Mochan created a range of different business names to hide behind in order to facilitate his rogue trading. Throughout, he presented a plausible, charming persona which only exacerbated the problem of residents being taken in by his deceit. 
Mr Mochan pleaded guilty to the charges and received a prison sentence totalling 3 years and 6 months in respect of fraud and theft. A Proceeds of Crime case will follow and it is hoped that this will allow the victims to receive some compensation.
Chair of the Joint Committee for Shared Regulatory Services, Cllr Eddie Williams, said: “The detriment arising from these cases is among the most significant dealt with by SRS. One of the residents has been cold called twice since by traders wanting to complete work on her roof and driveway.
“In all too many of these incidents, the rogue trader will knock on the door and tell you that you have a small problem which is easy to fix, but this soon escalates to finding a major problem, such as the £25,000 charged to one resident to repair a supposedly wood worm infected roof.
“The impact of Mr Mochan’s offending on one of the elderly residents suggested that since the incident her morale had been low, and she is less eager to go out with friends. We see the physical and emotional decline of individuals after these incidents, becoming less independent and more suspicious of people, which is why these crimes go beyond financial theft – they can create a downward spiral in a person’s mental wellbeing, and leave entire families picking up the pieces”.
Mr Mochan has links to several businesses, which include:
Spartons Roofing and Property Maintenance
5 Star Roofing
Roofmaster UK
Apex Roofing and Property Maintenance
Rightway Roofing
Residents of Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are strongly advised to contact Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133 if they suspect a relative, friend or neighbour is being, or has been, defrauded by an individual.