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Warning to consumers about online puppy scams

Consumers are being advised to proceed with caution when considering purchasing a puppy or a dog advertised on various websites

We have recently been receiving complaints from disgruntled residents after payments were made for dogs and puppies that werePuppies never received. The common theme involves a dog being advertised on a website and then the consumer agrees to buy from the person claiming to be selling the dog. The seller requests either a deposit or the full price of the dog, via bank transfer.

The seller will often start communicating with the buyer outside of the website communication channels (by text or email) then stops contacting the buyer once the bank transfer is made. During the past few weeks, payments of £100, £250 and £750 were made to bogus sellers claiming to be based in Neath, Wakefield and Ireland.

Chair of the Joint Committee for Shared Regulatory Services, Cllr Eddie Williams, said: “Some of our residents may have decided to purchase pets during ‘lockdown’ and this can be an exciting purchase for an individual or an entire family. It is important, however, that potential dog purchasers do their research before buying, and to think very carefully before transferring money to someone else’s account.

“When bank transfers of this nature are made, it isn’t always possible to recover the payment via your bank. The money may be lost for good, so we urge residents to think very carefully before transferring funds to someone you don’t know.”

When considering purchasing a dog or puppy, we advise you visit the links below for important advice and guidance