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Talking Mind & Money with TV's Martin Lewis

SRS Officers Chrissie Sumner and Liz Evans were delighted to participate in the recent ‘Mind & Money’ event at the Senedd, hosted by AMs Eluned Morgan and Hefin David and attended by financial journalist Martin Lewis.

September 14th, 2018

The ‘Mind & Money’ event held earlier this year was arranged as part of mental health awareness week in Wales with

Mr Lewis, founder of the ‘Money and Mental Health Policy Institute’, speaking explicitly about the link between mental health problems and debt.  Both Chrissie and Liz are part of the ‘Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit’ (WIMLU), a specialist unit that sits within Shared Regulatory Services and funded externally by HM Treasury and the Financial Conduct Authority.  

Martin Lewis and WIMLU

WIMLU is a nationwide initiative that deals with the problem of illegal money lending in Wales. Illegal lending – or loan sharking – is a criminal offence, with illegal money lenders operating without a license and often targeting vulnerable people.

Covering all local authority areas, WIMLU focusses on investigating and prosecuting loan sharks throughout Wales, as well as supporting the victims of any illegal money lending.  

The team, comprising specialist investigators and victim support officers, work across Wales an have a free and confidential 24 hour hotline for reporting incidents (0300 123 3311) and actively encourage members of the public to contact them if they suspect a loan shark is operating in their area.    

WIMLU can be contacted by calling 029 20 871090 or emailing: