Shared Regulatory Services
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Fair Trading

Shared Regulatory Services ensures the correct pricing and description of goods and services, combats counterfeiting and rogue trading. 

Doorstep crime

Protecting consumers from detriment and tackling rogue trading practices

Intellectual Property (IP) Crime / Counterfeiting

Counterfeit products are fake replicas of the real product

Product Safety

SRS is responsible for enforcing a wide range of safety legislation relating to consumer goods


A scam is an attempt by a person or organisation to mislead you into giving them money

Sunday Trading Laws

Retailers who wish to trade on a Sunday will need to comply with the Sunday Trading Act 1994

Underage Sale and Age Restricted Goods

A wide range of consumer products are age restricted

Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit

The WIMLU targets illegal money lenders

Weights and Measures

Responsible for metrology, traditionally known as weights and measures