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Ask the Regulator Podcasts

We want to make information and advice on all regulatory matters as easy as possible to access, which is why we've launched our new Podcast service

Podcast Aug 2021Our aim is to hold dialogues and discussions between regulators, businesses and members of the public on matters concerning Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Licensing.

You can listen to all of the episodes by clicking on the relevant link below. 

Our Podcasts are produced by the good people at Bro Radio and are a great way of getting insights on things that matter to businesses across Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan - from allergens and food hygiene to health, safety and consumer protection.

Bro Radio is the local Community Radio station focused on the Vale of Glamorgan. It promotes a feeling of social identity and community pride amongst the urban, rural and coastal communities which exist within the county. We are looking forward to collaborting with Bro Radio on these Podcasts to hopefully reach a wide audience keen to learn about regulatory matters.

We are also excited to announce that our Ask the Regulator Podcasts are available to listen to on Spotify. Click here to listen to all episodes.

Episode 14 - Students Arriving at University (October 2023)


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The Cardiff Gov App is a great tool to connect you with council services. You can:

  • Check your recycling and waste collections and set up collection reminders
  • Apply for a parking permit
  • Report a wide range of issues
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Cardiff Council’s Rubbish and Recycling Services

Check out the Council’s rubbish and recycling information pages to find out how rubbish and recycling is collected where you live. You can discover what containers you need use, how to sort your rubbish and recycling and your collection day.

Travel in Cardiff

To help you explore and travel around Cardiff, visit the Keep Cardiff Moving website to find out about bus, train and taxi services, cycle hire and car share schemes as well as links to walking and cycling routes across the city.

Register to vote

Students can register to vote both at their home address and term time address. It’s quick and easy and can even boost your credit score. 

Tenants Report It Information

If you rent a property, your landlord is responsible for complying with all legal requirements in including safety standards, licensing and registration requirements. If you have issues have not been resolved by your landlord, you can report these to the Housing Enforcement team. Common issues include:

  • Repairs to rented property
  • Safety within a rented property
  • Safety within Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Harassment from your landlord
  • Illegal Eviction

Noise Awareness and Reporting Noise

Noise can have an impact your health and wellbeing and others, so it’s important to take steps to manage noise levels so that we can maintain happy and healthy communities.If noise such as loud music, barking dogs, construction noise or alarms is disrupting your daily life, you can report this to us.

Episode 13 - British Retail Consortium (September 2023)

Episode 12 - Mandatory Licensing of  Special Procedures in Wales


Episode 11 - Illegal Money Lending (Stop Loan Sharks Wales) - January 2023

Epsiode 10 - National Safeguarding Week (November 2022)

Episode 9 - Trading Standards Wales Week (October 2022)


Epsiode 8 - Buy with Confidence (September 2022)


Episode 7 - Penarth Food Hub project and community food (June 2022)


Episode 6 - Working with businesses: An Introduction (May 2022)


Episode 5 - Health & Nutrition (January 2022)


Episode 4 - Food and Christmas (December 2021)


Episode 3 - National Safeguarding Week (November 2021)


Episode 2 - Halloween (October 2021)


Episode 1 - Ask The Regulator - Allergens (August 2021)


Let us know what you'd like from our Podcasts

We encourage businesses to contact us with any topics you'd like us to cover and any questions you have for upcoming podcast topics. Send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.