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All businesses, irrespective of size, are subject to a vast array of legislation designed to protect the consumer.

Whether you are the manufacturer, importer or retailer of goods or provide services, you are affected by these laws. We offer advice on systems of compliance and where possible, advise on individual products and services. We aim to help you understand your responsibilities and comply with your legal obligations.

We support the Primary Authority scheme. Primary Authority gives companies the opportunity to form a statutory partnership with a single local authority with regard to an area of regulation. Shared Regulatory Services can provide tailored advice for your business, which other regulators can take into account when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance.Business meeting women

We can advise businesses about:

For further information on the Primary Authority scheme, visit the GOV.UK website.

Please contact us if your business is interested in forming a Primary Authority relationship with Shared Regulatory Services.

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Trading Standards Law

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute's Business Companion website provides guidance for businesses needing to know about trading standards law. This site is sponsored by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and includes key topics such as:

What you Sell

Goods - Consumers' rights when they buy goods (without services) from you, including information on when to offer a refund, repair or replacement

Digital - Consumers' rights when you supply digital content – such as a mobile phone app, a computer game or a DVD

Services - Consumers' rights when they buy your services (without goods) – for example, estate agent services or mobile phone contract providers

Where you Sell

On-premises Sales - Selling on your business premises – for example, a shop or market stall (or when a contract is not made off-premises or at a distance)

Off-premises Sales - Selling goods, services and digital content away from your business premises, such as contracts made in the customer's home or workplace

Distance Sales - The sales of goods, services and digital content without face-to-face contact with the customer – such as online, mail order or by telephone

How you sell

Consumer Contracts - How and when a consumer contract is made, and how to be sure your transactions are legal and fair

Good Practice - Your legal obligation to trade fairly with your customers; the law that protects consumers from unfair trading practices

Pricing and Payment - The rules that cover displaying prices, unit and sale pricing, and taking payments legally and fairly


Business to Business Marketing

The Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 prohibit misleading business-to-business advertising and impose further restrictions on how businesses compare their products to rival products from other companies.

If you are selling to businesses the Regulations prohibit you from giving misleading information to the other business that would deceive that business and affect, or be likely to affect, its economic behaviour. You are also prohibited from giving misleading information that injures, or is likely to injure, a competitor.

To complain about the trading practices of another business, contact 0808 223 1133

Submit an online complaint or enquiry

Further information on the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations can be found on the website


Further Guidance