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Primary Authority

A partnership between a business and Shared Regulatory Services which is recognised by the Secretary of State.

"Primary Authority Partnerships: Ensuring Consistency and Enabling Growth"

It provides a framework which enables businesses to receive advice and support on Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Licensing regulation. The Primary Authority Partnership scheme is administered by the Office for Product Safety & Standards


  • Are you looking for reliable, consistent advice which will enable your business to comply with legal requirements?
  • Does red tape prevent your business from reaching its maximum potential?
  • Would you benefit from advice on your policies, procedures and business practices, to ensure you're getting things right?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the answer may be a Primary Authority partnership with Shared Regulatory Services.

All business types are eligible. Whether you run a chain of restaurants or sell electrical goods to consumers across the UK or you manufacture goods, you will be able to rely on the advice you receive from us. Assured advice must be considered and adhered to by other regulators when undertaking inspections or proactive enforcement work.   

SRS as a Primary Authority Partner

We draw expertise from professional, fully qualified Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Licensing officers across three local authorities, which means we have a wealth of experience as well as a broad range of skills. Our structure is heavily focused on Primary Authority, with dedicated business engagement officers on hand to support, guide and advise your business.

  • Serve more than 20% of Wales' population, with over 10,000 businesses operating across the region, which makes us one of the UK's largest Public Protection regulators.
  • Operate Primary Authority partnerships with a range of local, regional and national businesses, from motor traders to caterers to double glazing firms.
  • Perfectly placed to ensure your business is compliant with Welsh Government legislation as well as UK Government requirements.
  • Highly commended at the Primary Authority Awards 2016

“SRS has made a big impact in a short period of time. Its drive and enthusiasm to offer high quality primary authority services is commendable."Judges at the Primary Authority Awards

Support and Guidance

SRS is a forward thinking collaboration between Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils which draws expertise from professional, experienced officers. As well as having your own dedicated business liaison points of contact, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive support, advice and guidance.
  • Regular meetings and reviews of the partnership
  • Assured advice, which other regulators must respect. As a Primary Authority, we can direct that proposed enforcement action that is inconsistent with the advice or guidance we have offered your business, does not proceed.
  • Staff training on a wide range of Trading Standards, Environmental Health and Licensing legislation.• Audit of your procedures and policies.
  • Review of contracts and terms & conditions.
  • Regular reports and data analysis to assist with forward business planning.
  • The creation of inspection plans, which means inspections by other regulators are less time consuming and burdensome.
  • Expert advice on Welsh only Regulations

Two-people-having-a-meetingBenefits of Primary Authority

A Primary Authority partnership can allow you to make significant financial savings whilst simultaneously reducing the regulatory burden on your business.  

We will be your liaison point with local authorities across the UK, allowing you to get on with the day job. This can reduce the risk to your business whilst increasing productivity. This is what we mean by Ensuring Consistency and Enabling Growth.

  • A guaranteed level of support from professionally qualified officers
  • Access to sources of information and other agencies
  • Financial savings
  • Reduced compliance costs
  • Improved standards
  • Single contact point for regulatory advice removing inconsistency


We operate on a cost recovery basis, which means we provide our services at an extremely competitive rate. From Primary Authority

Services and Charges

To discuss Primary Authority as well as your business needs, please contact us:

  • 0300 1236696