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Construction Site Advice

Shared Regulatory Services recognises the balance between the need for new developments across the three Councils whilst at the same time ensuring that its residents and businesses are protected from environmental disturbance during the construction of both major and minor developments.


We have produced a handbook which provides guidance to contractors to ensure that disturbance from noise, vibration, dust and smoke arising from different phases of constructions are minimised, without unnecessary or unduly onerous restrictions on contractors. It is intended to encourage contractors to communicate with SRS in the early stages, to provide information, guidance and/or clarification on methods of work and assist developers to comply with relevant legislation.

To download the handbook (pdf), click the link below:

SRS Pollution Control Construction Site Handbook

To download the handbook (pdf) in Welsh, click the link below:

GRhR Llawlyfr Rheoli Llygredd ar Safleoedd Adeiladu