Shared Regulatory Services
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Environmental Permitting Regime

CoolingTowerTo make sure we protect the environment and air quality, some activities, such as paint production or dry cleaning require a permit.

It is an offence to operate without a permit.

Shared Regulatory Services regulate different types of installation including glassworks and foundries, petrol stations and concrete crushers, sawmills and paint manufacturers.

These activities are listed in the Environmental Permitting Regulations on the Department of Food and Rural Affairs website

Enviromental permits issued by the Vale Of Glamorgan

Applying for a permit

If a company wants to carry out processes that may cause emissions to land, air or water they must apply for an Environmental Permit. The regulations say what information must be in the application.

You will need to apply for a permit via your local authority:


The authority must consult relevant members of the public and other organisations.


Further Guidance