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Air Quality and Pollution

Manage air quality, regulate industrial emissions and investigate air pollution complaints in Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

The Environment Act 1995 requires each local authority to periodically review air quality in the area. The process of reviewing and assessing air quality is a cornerstone of the system of local air quality management.

A report must be produced on an annual basis, assessing the previous years data and what actions are required.  These reports are submitted to Welsh Government for review and approval.

If pollution levels exceed national objectives then it is necessary for the local authority to declare an Air Quality Management Area and prepare action plans to aim to meet the Governments Objectives.

BonfireCommon cases of air pollution are caused by:

  • Smoke and ash from bonfires
  • Dark smoke from trade or industrial premises
  • Dust from building work
  • Cooking smells from restaurants

Please note: Giving off dark or black smoke from a fire on a trade or industrial premises is an offence.  It is also an offence to give off dark or black smoke from any type of chimney.

Report Air Pollution

You can report a case of air pollution in Bridgend, Cardiff or the Vale of Glamorgan to us online or by contacting Shared Regulatory Services directly.

Once a complaint has been made an officer will contact you to gather further information, if required a visit will be made to the person responsible, alternatively officers may write to the address in order to offer relevant advice.

Environmental Permitting

If a company wants to carry out processes that may cause emissions to land, air or water they must apply for an Environmental Permit to do so from either the Environment Agency or their local Council (depending on the category of installation). Premises carrying out such activities are referred to as 'regulated facilities'.

The Environment Agency regulates industries with the greatest potential of causing pollution to land, air or water.

Visit the SRS Environmental Permitting page