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Port Health

Shared Regulatory Services acts as a Port Health Authority for Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

IDockst is the Port Health Authority for:

  • Cardiff Airport
  • Barry Port
  • The Port of Cardiff and its district
  • Waters around the island of Flat Holm, Cardiff Bay and Penarth Marina
  • Shipping using Penarth Pier

Report Illness or Death

The master of a vessel or captain of an aircraft which is due to arrive should contact SRS immediately for advice and forward a completed Declaration of Health.

Maritime Declaration of Health form

Sanitation Inspection or an Extension Request

If you require a renewal certificate or an extension to an existing certificate please contact us. A charge will be made for this service.


Vessel Freshwater Analysis

We can test your freshwater on board vessels to ensure it is safe for human consumption and provide a laboratory report.

Food Hygiene

When ships are inspected the galleys and food storage facilities on board will be inspected to ensure there are no risks to food safety.


Imported Food Control

We are responsible for controlling the importation of food into the United Kingdom, and the European Union. We do this by:

  • Monitoring cargoes
  • Checking manifests
  • Inspecting food
  • Taking samples

For detailed information on the importing food please visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Disposal of International Catering Waste

International Catering Waste or ICW refers to catering waste that originates from means of transport operating internationally (i.e. outside of the EU). ICW is subject to strict handling and disposal controls in order to prevent the introduction of exotic notifiable diseases, such as Foot and Mouth disease, into the UK. ICW covers:

  • Catering waste produced by the galley
  • Plastics or wrappings contaminated by catering waste

If you need to dispose of ICW you are advised to contact the Port Operator who will arrange a special collection.

A Master of a ship which has "operated internationally" i.e. outside the EU may declare he is not carrying ICW providing the ship's stores have been completely emptied, cleaned, disinfected and re-stocked in the EU. You can find further information on ICW the Defra website.

Pet Travel Scheme

Unfortunately, Cardiff Airport, Barry Port, the Port of Cardiff are not designated as an authorised route for entry into the UK for Pet Passport requirements. Pets will not be allowed to disembark unless they are placed under quarantine. 

Masters of vessels will be required to ensure animals are securely contained on board a vessel whilst the vessel is docked in Cardiff.

Permission to Disembark (Free Pratique)

The term ‘Free Pratique’ is officially defined under the Public Health Ships Regulations 1979 as permission for a ship to disembark and commence operations.

The master of a ship arriving from a foreign country must report to the port health authority prior to arrival if there has been:

  • A death on board other than by accident
  • The occurrence of infectious diseases or symptoms of infectious disease such as rash, temperature, glandular swelling, jaundice or diarrhoea severe enough to interfere with work or normal activities
  • The presence of animals and birds and the occurrence of mortality or sickness amongst such animals or birds
  • Any other circumstances that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease

If any of these circumstances apply the Master will need to:

  • Ensure that without the permission of the port health authority, no person other than a pilot, a customs officer or immigration officer can board or leave a ship until ‘Free Pratique’ or health clearance has been granted.
  • Complete and forward to the Port Health Authority a Maritime declaration of health.

If you need any further information or would like to make arrangements for a ship’s water sample to be taken, please contact us: