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Cavity Insulation Scam

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) and Shared Regulatory Services (SRS) have recently been made aware of a new scam by a company called JPO Legal Solutions. 

Scam-warningThis company are targeting homeowners to notify them that a claim has been transferred to them in relation to their cavity wall insulation.

In letters and emails to homeowners, JPO Legal Solutions are claiming the following:

  • The case has been passed to JPO Legal Solutions from Dennison Greer by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).

  • They have successfully brought the claim to a stage where an offer has been awarded by CIGA insurance underwriters. £18,205.00 was settled on after accessing [sic] the case for damages and compensation.

These claims are false and JPO Legal Solutions are not regulated by the SRA.

"CIGA have not and will not agree to settle any case via JPO Legal Solutions. Under guarantee terms CIGA serves to remediate not compensate." - CIGA

Please be aware that this company is requesting a 5% initial payment of £910.25 from homeowners.

If you have been targeted and are concerned please contact, who can investigate where necessary at no cost to you.